Our Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge and Provincial Gala of 2017 brought some incredible youth talent from across New Brunswick into one room for an inspiring evening. We heard business pitches from youth in elementary school, all the way up to post secondary, with stories of failure, reinvention and success from our keynote speakers intertwined in the evening's event. Lead by two amazing bilingual MCs, the entire evening moved flawlessly from moment to moment.

Below, we've highlighted this year's winners from each category. Continue scrolling to learn more about the business ideas that made it through the YEC this year.



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GD Wouf

Students involved in GD Wouf make and sell scarves, leashes, biscuits and toys for cats and dogs. The idea came from 5th grader, Gabriel, who organized several meetings to get the business going. Engaged, autonomous and motivated, these young students get together to sew, braid, cook or plan sales. They plan to organize a "dog show" next year in order to raise funds for the construction of a dog park in their community.


Copaincami is a publishing house created by students from Camille-Vautour school. Students have operated Copaincami for 6 years and to-date have published 3 collections of their own books. The publishing house now wants to expand their offerings to young amateur writers who will to have their own books published with Copaincami.

Jeunes chef en action

Jeunes chefs en action is a group of students from Camille-Vautour school who provide healthy snacks to the school's youth at a low price. Their primary role is to educate young people on the benefits of good nutrition and help them discover new healthy recipes. The Jeunes chefs en action have a partnership with the manager of Sobeys in Shediac as well as with PAC.



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1st Place

J&A Bath Blanket

J&A Bath Blanket is an endothermic waterproof blanket that maintains the heat of bath water up to 4 times longer than with no blanket at all. This product is designed for individuals who need to bathe for extended periods of time as a treatment for skin conditions or for therapeutic purposes after exercise. Because the blanket maintains heat 4 times longer than without, it also helps to reduce energy and water consumption.

2nd Place

Wheel Bite Blocker

The Wheel Bite Blocker is a safety device that prevents skateboard wheels from rubbing or catching on the surface of the skateboard when performing sharp turns or landing a jump. This device prevents friction between the underside of the board and the wheels, keeping the wheels spinning to prevent falls and injuries. It can easily be added to any skateboard.

3rd Place

Acadie Sub

Acadie Sub is a sub shop operated by students in grade 7 at l'École Carrefour de l'Acadie. The idea to offer sub sandwiches during lunch hour came about through discussion of the need for more healthy options available to students. Throughout this entrepreneurial endeavour, students are able to work on many skills including math, linguistics, problem solving, science and critical thinking. 



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1st Place


APHRO is monthly subscription box that contains naturalproducts to nourish and maintain a kinky-coily hair pattern. It is an inexpensive, healthy and natural hair alternative that arrives on customers' doorsteps each month containing some homemade recipes and personal notes.

Beth's Bright Light - award.jpg

2nd Place

Beth's Bright Light

Beth's Bright Light is helping to create safer roads for cyclists and motorists alike. This safety light is a battery powered LED light that can be mounted to the rear left end of a bicycle. When biking on the road, Beth's Bright Light shines on the ground 1 meter from the bike to identify proper clearance between passing vehicles and the cyclist.

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3rd Place

Ally's Bath Essentials

Ally's Bath Essentials is bath bomb business that has been in operation for over a year. All products are made with natural ingredients and include bath bombs, bubble bars, lotion bars, air-fresheners and scrubs.



Lips by Avery - award.jpg

1st Place

Lips by Avery

Providing fun and colourful lip balm to young teens, Lips By Avery was founded by 12 year old Avery MacArthur. It all started with a vision to create lip balms that not only moisturized and felt great but looked fabulous, sleek and stylish at the same time!

Mascottes en folie - in action.jpg

2nd Place

Mascottes en folie

A mascot rental company, Mascottes en folie offers mascot services to various festivals, birthdays, municipalities and companies in north western New Brunswick and select areas in southern Quebec. Mascottes en folie has been in operation for over a year, providing employment for youth in the area and entertainment for those who experience the life sized characters.

The Bee Team - award.jpg

3rd Place

The Bee Team

Noticing the quick decline in our bee population, the Bee Team has devised three solutions to prevent the loss of New Brunswick bees as well as encourage their growth. Their proposed solutions include a pollination plan, a pesticide/fertilizer ban, and constructing more rooftop beehives.